Daytime alternatives for non-invasive mechanical ventilation in neuromuscular disorders

Anna Annunziata, Antonietta Coppola, Giorgio Emanuele Polistina, Pasquale Imitazione, Francesca Simioli, Maurizia Lanza, Rosa Cauteruccio, Giuseppe Fiorentino

Unit of Respiratory Pathophysiology, Monaldi-Cotugno Hospital, Naples, Italy

DOI 10.36185/2532-1900-042

Mechanical ventilation in recent years has benefited from the development of new techniques and interfaces. These developments allowed clinicians to offer increasingly personalised therapies with the combination of different complementary techniques for treating respiratory insufficiency in patients with neuromuscular diseases. The mouthpiece ventilation, intermittent abdominal pressure ventilator and the negative pressure ventilation can offer many patients alternative therapy options when ventilation is required for many hours a day. In this non-systematic review, we will highlight the use of alternative methods to non-invasive mechanical ventilation at positive pressure in neuromuscular patients, to ensure the optimal interface for each patient.

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