Luisa Politano

Editor-in-Chief of Acta Myologica

With the first issue of the year 2018, a new chapter opens for Acta Myologica.

After 35 years of continuous direction of the journal  by Prof. Giovanni Nigro, it is my honour and duty to carry on his work.

In this difficult task, the new entries Gabriele Siciliano, Haluk Topaloglu and Antonio Toscano will be of great help as Associate Editors. However, I also count very much on the contribution of the new members of the Editorial Board, Massimiliano Filosto, Michelangelo Mancuso, Giovanni Meola, Eugenio Mercuri, Elena Pegoraro, Filippo M. Santorelli and Massimo Zeviani.

Vincenzo Nigro – Assistant Editor of the Journal – and I decided to set up an “editorial staff” composed  of young and talented colleagues who will surely bring the enthusiasm and propulsion necessary for the further development of the Journal. Applications are open.

This issue hosts the Proceedings of the Congress of the Italian Association of Myology, which this year celebrates its eighteenth birthday in the splendid setting of Genoa.

My thanks to all those who have agreed to share this journey with us.

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