New graphic for Acta Myologica

Luisa Politano

Editor in Chief Acta Myologica

Acta Myologica is the oldest international myology journal, first published in June 1982 with the name of Cardiomyology. At present, it is the official journal of the AIM (Associazione Italiana di Miologia) and of the MSM (Mediterranean Society of Myology). 

Starting from October 2016, Acta Myologica has gone online with an open web-based access, with the purpose to renew this historical printed journal devoted to clinical and molecular myology by spreading new knowledge through electronic media platforms. 

Acta Myologica Online (AMO) publishes readily accessible research of clear relevance for diagnosis and treatment of muscle disorders, with a special focus on neuromuscular disorders and cardiomyopathies, adapting its graphics into an indexed journal. The changes are available in the Authors Instructions. 

As established at the latest meeting of the Board, from the current year, the Authors will partially cover the costs of publication, with a contribution of Euros 200. To the Authors members of the AIM or MSM Scientific Societies (current AIM or MSM membership required) a 50% off is offered. 

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